05 May 2020

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Key River is known as a fisherman’s paradise. You will find northern pike, Walleye, small & largemouth bass and perch in here. Get your gear ready and call us to book a fishing boat. Your trophy is still in the river, don’t delay. Our general store carries live bait worms as well.

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  • Robert Dawes says:

    We have a cabin on Key River, however we would like to inquire if you can recommend a fishing guide that we could hire to show us some of the popular fishing spots in and around the cabin. Unfortunately, we are not familiar with the area since we have not been able to fish in recent years. We have a fishing boat that we launch at the Marina so we could pick up the guide at the Marina. If you could please advise we would greatly appreciate it. The date we are coming is July 20th.

    Rob Dawes

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